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Anthony "Tony" Blair

Anthony “Tony” Blair






Anthony Blair, known as Tony, is a hard working and dedicated Jamaican business owner and entrepreneur.


Born in Spanish Town, Tony’s education started at Crescent Primary School and continued at Dinthill Technical High School in Linstead where he specialized in Agriculture. He graduated from Dinthill Technical High School along with the class 1968. 


After finishing high School, Tony worked with the Government of Jamaica within the Fisheries division. Upon leaving his tenure with the government, Tony embarked into an area of work that would bring him satisfaction and fulfillment. His love for business specializing in accounting. He gained employment with Track Price Plus, - at that time the third largest bookmaker company in Jamaica- the others being Watson Off Course Betting and Charles Off Racing.  This experience proved to be invaluable later on in Tony’s life as he continued on the path of having his own business. 


In 1979 Tony migrated to the United States of America where he worked at Eastman Kodak in New York honing his accounting skills and business acumen then later moved to South Florida.  


In South Florida Tony met Winsome, a business woman, entrepreneur, radio broadcaster and on air personality.  With his lifelong ambition of acquiring his own business along with his love of music, this music/radio relationship was a natural. 


In 1988 Tony began a resounding new chapter in his life, along with his partner Winsome,   Hi-Class Promotions was born, a full time business corporation registered in state of Florida.  Hi- Class Promotions soon became the largest broker of  air time at WAVS Radio 1170 am , the first 24 hour Caribbean formatted radio station in North America.


Twenty three years later, Hi-Class Promotions continues to serve the ever growing needs of the Caribbean – American community in south Florida... Hi-Class Promotions is the parent company and major sponsor of The Reggaesoca Music Awards, - known as the “Caribbean Grammys”;  The annual Fashion Cabaret which highlights Caribbean designers and models:  and the annual Children’s Fun Day Christmas Party.


Hi-Class Promotions also sponsors most community events, other promoters’ events, supports the various alumni, civic organization and Church events.


Hi Class Promotions  does not only provide music to entertain through its program aired daily on WAVS Radio but has helped to build careers of broadcasters, give business’s a medium to advertise, enhance a people’s cultural identity and presented a forum for political advocacy for the Caribbean-American , African-American,  Haitian and Spanish communities.


Hi-Class Promotions continues to be the leader in Caribbean radio programming because of Tony’s progressive thinking, great management skills and his understanding of solid corporate operations.


Tony is a very proud and grateful past student of Dinthill Technical High School.  He continues to serve as a member on the Board of Directors for the Alumni – South Florida Chapter.  He is always willing and available to offer any assistance required for the betterment of Dinthill Tech.


Hi-Class Promotions has received:


The Milestone Award – Media- Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce


Black Business of the Year Awards – 2001- Greater Miami Chamber Of Commerce


Also numerous Awards and Certificates of Appreciation namely:


Consul General of Jamaica

Dinthill Technical High School Alumni

Caribbean Heart Menders Association

Body Nation Dance Theatre

Missionaries of the Poor

Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes

Florida Netball Association

Food for the Poor

Caribbean Bar Association

Caribbean Rhythms

Ms. Jamaica Florida Pageant

Air Jamaica

Princess PM Productions

Jamaica Awareness

United Negro College Fund

Dancehall Sound Selectors & Promoters

Stinger Lounge

Nostalgia In Gold

Winsome "Lady C" Charlton, BA (Journalism)

Co-Founder, Creative Director



Winsome Charlton is a hard working and dedicated Jamaican female entrepreneur, the first woman and the first black person ever to spearhead and establish a 24 hours Caribbean formatted Radio Station in North America.


Born in Mandeville , the cool salubrious climate of central Jamaica, she is the daughter of long time Diplomat, well known politician and former Mayor of Mandeville, Cecil C.Charlton.


Winsome was exposed early in life to the public, meeting various diplomats and dignitaries worldwide including Haile Selassie and President John F. Kennedy. As a small child, she was a delight to everyone’s eyes, not to mention, that she handed flowers to the Queen of England on her visit to Jamaica.


After attending High School in Jamaica, she migrated to England. There she advanced her education in Music, Cosmetology, Nursing and Business Management.   Despite all that, there was a deep yearning for an area of work that would bring her satisfaction and fulfillment. 


Answering an ad in a local newspaper, Winsome landed a job with the British Broadcasting Corporation (B.B.C.). It was there that her love affair with radio began and having previously been under the tutelage of renowned musician and teacher, Iris Whittaker, the music/radio relationship was a natural.


Shortly after landing the job she was asked to be trained and tutored as a broadcaster. Upon receipt of her broadcaster’s degree, Winsome became assistant producer to the then most popular radio show on B.B.C., “ Radio One Club”.


Undoubtedly, Winsome’s Jamaican heritage began to play a unique role at the B.B.C. Due to her influence, the British began to hear Jamaican Ska music over the airways. Although the music evoked controversy it was small wonder when she got airplay for Desmond Deckrer’s tune “Israelite" it became a number one hit.

Her tenure with the BBC lasted 4 years fcr which she has not been foirgotten.

Winsome was able to break the ice of ignorance and place Caribbean sentinments on the airwaves.


In the early ‘70’s, Winsome moved back to Jamaica to assist her father who was at the time, steeped in political duties as the Mayor of  Mandeville.


In 1981 Winsome began a new chapter in her life when  she moved to South Florida. She  worked at WMBM radio and later LOVE 94. In September 1984 she gained employment with WAVS Radio as Traffic/Office Manager and as the months went by her pioneering spirit once again came alive.

She recognized a void in the music of the radio stations in South Florida and with the vision of bringing the culture of her county to the foreground,  Winsome emerged as an American pioneer by establishing the very first 24 hour Caribbean radio station in the United States.


Winsome  made history again in 1999 when she was appointed general manager of WVCG Radio 1080am and became the first Jamaican/Caribbean-American female to be appointed to head a radio station in corporate America.


Winsome received the Black Business of the Year award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

In 1994  she was honored for her outstanding work in radio and communications by the Caribbean American Community in South Florida receiving various awards, accolades and proclamations.


President William “Bill” Clinton sent her a congratulatory letter lauding her pioneering efforts in radio. Winsome was also hailed as a pioneer when the Miami Dade Heart of the City honored her for her contribution to raising awareness during Black Music Month in Y2K. 


Winsome along with her partner Anthony Blair, is the owner of Hi-Class Promotions, presenters of the annual Children’s Fun Day Christmas Treat, the annual Fashion  Cabaret and the internationally known ReggaeSoca Music Awards- The Caribbean Grammys.


Winsome’s energy seems unyielding. Like the energizer bunny she keeps going and going.  She wears many hats in the South Florida community, supports various community based organizations and remains an emblem of progressive thinking with a stern management style based on an understanding of solid corporate operations.


Whether she is wearing a top-hat as the head of Hi-Class Promotions, a sombrero, beret or fedora, the head gear that fits best over Winsome’s coif is the head-set to name her "Lady C" from 3:00pm-7:00pm every Saturday on WAVS-AM when she signs on for a vintage air-shift of classic Jamaican music.


Founder of the internationally known ReggaeSoca Music Awards. In 1994, received various awards and accolades from the South Florida Community for providing business’s a medium to advertise, enhanced a people’s cultural identity and presented a forum for political advocacy for the African-American, Caribbean, Haitian  and Spanish communities.


After 15 years at WAVS  Radio, it was time -  In May  1999, Winsome ‘Lady C’ Charlton was appointed General Manager of WVCG Radio 1080 AM.  She was the first Jamaican- Caribbean-American woman to be appointed head of a major Radio Station in corporate America. 


WVCG was owned and operated by AMFM (America’s Medium For the Millenium, at the time the largest company with 865 radio stations). The station with Winsome at the helm was destined to be the next commercial Caribbean formatted radio station, however it was sold by 2002 and Winsome  moved on. She became a consultant/adviser  to the newly purchased Radio Carnivale and after it was established she returned to her company.


In 1994 she was honored for her work in radio and communications by the Caribbean-American Community in South Florida , receiving her first   from various Mayors of the cities where WAVS is broadcast daily.  The only Jamaica-American woman receiving a congratulatory letter from the then President of the United States – President Bill Clinton – who was unable to attend the event  Pioneer Award, along with accolades and proclamations


In 2000 Winsome was given the  Pioneer Award from the Miami Dade Heart of the City series for Black Music Month.


In 2001 Winsome received the Black Business of the Year Award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for her company Hi-Class Promotions.


Winsome “Lady C’ Charlton, along with her partner Anthony Blair, is the owner of Hi-Class Promotions – the largest broker on WAVS – promoters of The Annual Children’s Fun Day Christmas Treat, and Fashion Cabaret. She is the founder of the internationally known ReggaeSoca Music Awards – The Caribbean Grammys.


Winsome ‘Lady C Charlton wears many hats in the South Florida community. Serving as:-

Vice President of Hi-Class Promotions

Vice President of the Caribbean Heart Menders Association

Member of the Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes & West Sunrise

She remains an emblem of progressive thinking with a stern management style based on an understanding of solid corporate operations.



Since its inception, Hi-Class Promotions has helped hundreds of clients increase their success. Our creativity and awareness of our Caribbean markets diverse culture, ensures relevance for your message and will help put your business on the map.

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